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Udaipur taxi Wale Rent A Car Brief!!!

Udaipur taxi Wale is a speacialize solution provider offering innovative and practical services in car rental. We provide service best suited to customer requirement with promptness & efficiency.

We offer great mobility in all over dimensions with safety economy comfort & promptness So, no matter how urgent, intricate or big the demand we can make it possible for the customer

Core Values of Flying bird is that:

• Stresses on performance and customer satisfaction.
• Offer innovative services based on customer requirement.
• Committed to offer reliable, efficient and secure car rental services to customers.
• Focus on Round the Clock ground transportation services rendering personal or professional.
• Reducing crime rate by tanning driver’s on business & social etiquette.
• Well maintain fleet of vehicles.


  • Prices are per day and can vary:
  • according to the size of the vehicle,
  • if your vehicle has air conditioning (mandatory during the warm season)
  • according to the rent period and the duration of your journey.
  • insurance
  • meals and residence for the driver
  • reception at the airport as well as the transfer on the way back for your departure. (To be checked with your agency)
  • toll tax & state tax as per actul
  • the tip for the driver, which is paid according to your satisfaction and to the quality of the services.
    You can give the tip at the end of the day or on the totality the last day.
  • your personal expenses, monuments visits, meal and your residence
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