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Teej Festival Jaipur

nagaurTeej Festival is one of the most popular festivals of India. Festival of Teej is widely celebrated, but its real charm can be found only in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Teej celebrates the arrival of monsoon, after the scorching sun of summers. Teej is celebrated in the month of 'Shravan' (July-August), according to the Hindu calendar. Teej is an important cultural festival for the womenfolk of Rajasthan, in which they pray for the well being of their husbands. This festival marks the beginning of festive season in Rajasthan.

Festival of Teej is primarily meant for married women and girls. During this auspicious festival, Goddess Parvati is worshipped, who is the symbol of virtue, devotion and fertility. According to a mythological legend attached with this festival, Goddess Parvati was united with Lord Shiva after years of penance on Teej. On the festival, married women pray for the welfare of their husbands and marital bliss. To celebrate the occasion, Girls and married women apply henna on their hands and get dressed in their best attires.

Nagaur Fairnagaur

Essentially an animal fair, it provides an opportunity to participate in some of the local sports. This eight days fair held every year during the month of Jan-Feb, is popularly known as the Cattle fair and is the second largest in Rajasthan. Nagaur Town is the most picturesque of Rajput townships. Nagaur is a sea of animals, trading over 70,000 bullocks, camels and horses every year.

The Nagaur Fair is well known all over the state of Rajasthan and the special guests of honor at this fair are- Cattle! Yes, Nagaur Fair is has the unique distinction of being the second largest cattle fair in India.

The festive ambience during the Nagaur Fair is permeated by the bellows of the cattle that are decorated by their owners and the genral buzz that is associated with fairs such as these.

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Pushkar Fair

puskerThe Pushkar Fair, a major tourist attraction draws people from all over the globe to the ancient and secluded environment of Pushkar town. Pushkar Fair is perhaps the largest cattle fair in the world. Rajasthan which is enriched by cattle wealth is the home to many recognized breeds of cattle.

Every year at the 'Kartik Poornima' Full Moon, the holy town of Pushkar hosts the famous camel fair which attracts thousands of visitors, including pilgrims from all over India, and provides the most colourful festival of the Rajasthani year.

The annual Pushkar Camel Fair is an experience that will make for a magical sojourn to Rajasthan. A tented city is created adjacent to Pushkar Lake during the full moon days for this fair and it is here that thousands of men and women cover the sand dunes and indulge in festivities, trade in livestock, handicrafts, participate in camel races, dances, drama, and music competitions.

Baneshwar Fair

baneshwarBaneshwar Fair is predominately a tribal fair. It provides a unique opportunity to the local tribes to take a break from their routine and appreciate the various colors of the 'Mela'. In the morning, saffron is applied to the Shiva Linga in the temple of Baneshwar Mahadev. After that it is bathed and an aarti of burning incense is waved before it. The name Baneshwar is derived from the revered Shiva Linga which is kept in

The name Baneshwar is derived from the revered Shiva Linga which is kept in the Mahadev temple in Dungarpur. "Baneshwar" means the 'master of the delta' in the local Vagdi language and this name was given to Shiva Linga.The Baneshwar fair is held at a small delta formed by the river Som and Mahi, from Magh Shukla Ekadashi to Magh Shukla Poornima during Shivratri. (Jan-Feb). Baneshwar Fair

The Baneshwar fair, in its present form is actually a merger of two fairs: one which used to be held in honour of Baneshwar Mahadev (Lord Shiva) and another fair which started after the construction of the Vishnu temple by Jankunwari, daughter-in-law of Mavji, a highly revered saint considered to be an incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

Banganga Fairbanganga

The Banganga Fair is held annually near a rivulet 11 kms. from the historical township of Bairath in Jaipur district, on the full moon day of Vaishakh (April- May). The stream is believed to have been created by Arjun, one of the Pandavas. This area is identified with the settlement of Virat Puri of the epic days. At the site is the Radha-Krishnaji Temple which was built by Shri Nandram Bakshi of Jaipur more than 200 years ago.

For the Hindus, Purnima (full moon day) in the month of Vaishakh holds a lot of significance Banganga Fair

Visiting the Banganga Fair, taking a bath and paying homage to the holy sites in the vicinity at this time is therefore considered very auspicious by the pilgrims who come from Alwar, Behror, Jaipur, Bharatpur and many other places.

Kaila Devi Fair

kailaThe annual fair of Kaila Devi, (Mahalakshmi or the goddess of wealth), is held at the village Kaila (24 kms to the south west) in Karauli district in the month of Chaitra (Mar-Apr), lasting for a fortnight. The temple of Kaila Devi is located on the banks of the Kalisil river in the hills of Trikut, 2 Kms. to the north-west of Kaila village. Another attraction is the small temple dedicated to Bhairon, situated in the courtyard and facing the shrine of Kaila Devi is a temple of Hanuman locally called 'Languriya'.

Approximately 2 lakh devotees gather during the fair. The ritual of Kanak-Dandotis is observed by staunch devotees. They cover a distance of 15 to 20 Kms to reach the temple, not on foot but by lying prostrate, making lines with their hands in that position, advancing up to the line drawn and repeating this procedure till they reach the temple. While some eat food and take rest during the journey, others endure the rigours of the ritual without these.

Shekhawati Fairshekhawati

Shekhawati Festival held on 10th and 11th February every year is organised jointly by the State Department of Tourism, District administrations of Sikar, Jhunjhunu and Churu. Shekhawati, already famous for its frescoes, is fast becoming a rural tourism destination too. Travelling on horse back, the tourists get a closer view of the countryside and the people. And they return with an indelible imprint of not only the friendliness of the people but also of the agricultural revolution sweeping the villages the region now exports 80 per cent of its crops whereas only a few years ago it could

The Shekhawati Fair held on 10th and 11th February every year is organised jointly by the State Department of Tourism, District administrations of Sikar, Jhunjhunu and Churu.

Rajasthan Fairs & Festival Calendar 2010-2015

Fairs & Festivals Place Vikaram Samwat 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
1. Camel Festival Bikaner Paush-Shukla, (14-15) 30-31 Dec.2009 18-19 Jan. 8-9 Jan. 26-27 Jan. 15-16 Jan. 4-5 Jan.
Nagaur Fair(Ramdeoji Cattle Fair)
Nagaur Magh-S, (7-10) 22-25 Jan. 10-13 Feb. 30Jan.-2 Feb 17-20 Feb 6-9 Feb. 26-29 Jan.
3. Desert Festival Jaisalmer Magh-S, (13-15) 28-30 Jan. 16-18 Feb. 5-7 Feb. 23-25 Feb. 12-14 Feb. 1-3 Feb.
4. Beneshwar Fair Beneshwar
Magh-S, (11-15) 26-30 Jan. 14-18 Feb. 3-7 Feb. 21-25 Feb. 10-14 Feb. 30 Jan-3 Feb.
5. Braj Festival Bharatpur Phalgun-S(11-13) 2-4 Feb. 2-4 Feb. 2-4 Feb. 2-4 Feb. 2-4 Feb. 2-4 Feb.
6. Elephant Festival Jaipur Phalgun-S 15 28 Feb. 19 Mar. 7 Mar. 26 Mar. 16 Mar. 5 Mar.
7. Kailadevi Fair Karauli Chaitra-K(12) 12 Mar. 31 Mar. 19 Mar. 7 Apr. 28 Mar. 17 Mar.
8. Gangaur Festival Jaipur Chaitra-S(3-4) 18-19 Mar. 6-7 Apr. 25-26 Mar. 13-14 Apr. 2-3 Apr. 22-23 Mar.
9. Mewar Festival Udaipur Chaitra-S(3-5) 18-20 Mar. 6-8 Apr. 25-27 Mar. 13-15 Apr. 2-4 Apr. 22-24 Mar.
10. Mahaveerji Fair Mahaveerji Chaitra-S(9-15) 24-30 Mar. 12-18 Apr. 1-6 Apr. 20-25 Apr. 8-15 Apr. 28 Mar.-4 Apr.
11. Summer Festival Mount Abu Vaishakha(13-Budh Purnima) 26-28 May 15-17 May 4-6 May 23-25 May 12-14 May 2-4 May
12. Teej Festival Jaipur Shravan-S(3-4) 12-13 Aug. 2-3 Aug. 9-10 Aug. 30-31 July 30-31 July 17-18 Aug.
13. Kajli Teej Bundi Bhadra-K(2-3) 26-27 Aug. 15-16 Aug. 4 Aug. 22-23 Aug. 12-13 Aug. 31 Aug.- 1 Sept.
14. Dussehra Festival Kota Asvinan-S(8-10) 15-17 Oct. 4-6 Oct. 22-24 Oct. 12-14 Oct. 1-3 Oct. 21-22 Oct.
15. Matasya Festival Alwar Asvinan-S(8-9) 15-16 Sept. 4-5 Oct. 22-23 Oct. 12-13 Oct. 2-3 Oct. 21-22 Oct.
16. Marwar Festival Jodhpur Asvinan-S(14-15) 21-22 Oct. 10-11 Oct. 28-29 Oct. 17-18 Oct. 7-8 Oct. 26-27 Oct.
17. Pushkar Fair Pushkar(Ajmer) Kartik-S(7-15) 13-21 Nov. 2-10 Nov. 20-28 Nov. 9-17 Nov. 30 Oct.- 6 Nov. 18-25 Nov.
18. Chandrabhaga Fair Jhalawad Kartik-S 14 Magh-K-1 20-22 Nov. 9-11 Nov. 27-29 Nov. 16-18 Nov. 5-7 Nov. 24-26 Nov.
19. Winter Festival Mount Abu Pausha 29-31 Dec. 29-31 Dec. 29-31 Dec. 29-31 Dec. 29-31 Dec. 29-31 Dec.
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